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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Why should you take a class in Julie's Cultured Kitchen?

  • Small group instruction limited to 4 stations 

  • Expert guidance through each step so you can learn by doing

  • A unique and memorable group activity

Sourdough Basics

Offered at $199 per person

Learn the basics of baking sourdough bread at home. This 3-hour class will cover how to feed and maintain a sourdough starter, as well as how to mix, knead, shape, score, and bake a sourdough loaf.


  • A jar of sourdough starter to take

  • A  batch of sourdough to bake at home

  • A freshly baked loaf of bread 

  • A welcome beverage (mimosa or similar)

  • Lunch, consisting of a bespoke charcuterie board with Julie's homemade sourdough bread and sourdough discard crackers*

  • Printed and electronic instructions with videos for all steps of the process

  • Suggestions for optional bread-making materials to purchase

  • Suggestions for different vessels in which to bake bread 


* Vegetarian and Vegan dietary restrictions can be

accommodated with advance notice


Focaccia Garden

Class description coming soon!

Advanced Sourdough

Class description coming soon!

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